Order a house directly from the manufacturer.
Delivery throughout Europe right from the Urals!
We work without intermediaries!
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Eco-friendly houses are made from raw material of natural origin
- Siberian pine
The houses built by our company guarantee
you a happy and comfortable living!
Timber cost:
Room space:
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Why is ordering from us worth it?
We have provided the high quality building services for over 10 years.
In the process of manufacturing we use only Siberian pine!
Finnish equipment (European standards)
Calculating and correcting problems with the individually planned house projects are free.
In the Czech Republic we have our firm's representative «Kelvar Exe», which offers our customers a full range of services for a turn-key construction, including foundation and roof coating.
We use equipment from Finland
Log lathe ROUNDTEC makes it possible to realize preservative treatment of the 9 meters long timbers

Formed geometrical profile gives us the ability to construct a building of any complexity.

Log lathe RoundTec Combi; Intermediary:
Tommi Laine Trading Finland
How we work
You choose the project from our catalogue (or from the catalogue of our Czech partner)
We calculate the cost of your house freely.
Further we make a contract on delivery, attaching the house project.
You make a prepay on the payment for raw materials, usually 60%.
We put timber into production.
Then we make a fit-up of a timber blocking on our base. You can observe the fit-up or we will provide a photo report.
You make a remaining payment.
We pack the product, embus it , make a customs registration and send the product to the customer.
Our objects
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Special offer works until 30 февраля 2014
Ordering a house from 100 sq. m. an antique furniture spetstsene!
Get a gift!
Do you still have doubts?
We have an extensive experience in the manufacturing of wooden houses of different complexity.
We do not have raw material shortages, as we make our own in Perm and Kirov regions.
Roundup is produced on the Finnish machine RoundTec of Tommi Laine Trading. This machine allows to produce timbers of 9 meters in length.
All of our timbers undergo an extensive preservation process – a process that guarantees against wood-destroying fungus in transit.
We provide you with free house calculations and create a house project using K3-Cottage.
We are responsible for the quality of what we ourselves produce, as well as for the delivery deadlines.
After the producing of timber is over we do a final fit-up of the timber blocking.
Beside door-to-door delivery, we can offer a fitting up right in the lot.
Send your image
for the calculation
Download an item catalogue Order a free calculation
Skype: alexv0202
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E-mail: a.wood.perm@gmail.com
For Russian-speaking customers only:
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